Retirement Plan Sponsors

Comprehensive Services

We offer a full range of services, from fiduciary oversight to plan conversion, all provided on a fixed fee-only basis.

Objective and Independent

As an ERISA Plan Fiduciary, our goals are aligned with yours. We have no affiliations with financial service firms and accept no soft dollar compensation.

Expertise in Plan Design

We are well-versed in various retirement plan designs and administration features, advocating for automatic enrollment and equity-based investment portfolios.

Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Our services include plan design assessment, benchmarking to industry peers, and a thorough review of plan administration and compliance.

Investment Structure and Manager Selection

We offer a detailed analysis of your current investment lineup compared to best practices, along with manager selection services.

Total Plan Expense Analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of plan expenses, comparing employer-paid vs. employee-paid costs and benchmarking to peer groups.

Communication and Education

We assess the effectiveness of your current communication strategies and offer improvements based on industry best practices.

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