• Can you ensure that the investments you guide me towards will always act ethically?

    While we diligently strive to steer your investments towards entities that uphold ethical and commendable practices, it's vital to recognize that no absolute guarantees can be made regarding the future conduct of any investment. Our Founder often reminds us, "We won't ever achieve perfection on earth, but that shouldn't prevent us from passionately pursuing excellence!" In the realm of investing, the choice is often not starkly between good and bad, but more nuanced—sometimes between bad and benign. Our commitment is to continually monitor and adjust to ensure alignment with principled behavior as closely as possible, always prioritizing actions and strategies that we believe will yield the most significant positive impact and effectively navigate the complexities of ethical investing.

  • Where do you typically meet with clients?

    We have the flexibility to meet clients at various locations, but our primary mode of interaction is virtual meetings. This approach not only offers the convenience of connecting from anywhere but also ensures efficient and focused discussions. If you have a preference for an in-person meeting, please let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

  • Do you handle my money directly?

    No, we prioritize your financial security. Your funds will be held with a reputable third-party custodian, ensuring both your and our peace of mind.

  • How long has your firm been in operation?

    Our journey began in 2012 as the wealth management arm of Toroso Investments. By 2023, Toroso Investments had successfully expanded its reach, managing over $8 billion in assets under administration. As the firm evolved, there was a clear vision to carve out the Toroso Advisors division, giving it a distinct identity and dedicated leadership. This vision led to the introduction of Dr. Joshua I. Wilson, a seasoned leader with a proven track record of guiding firms to new heights and an innovative vision for the future of wealth management. Dr. Wilson founded United Ethos Wealth Partners in 2022. With the integration of Toroso Advisors and its experienced team into United Ethos, the continuity of our legacy blends seamlessly with a clearer, purpose-driven mission that puts our clients' beliefs at the center.

  • How Can I Support Your Mission if I Don’t Have the Assets to Utilize Your Services?

    Your support means the world to us, and there are numerous ways you can champion our mission without directly utilizing our financial services:

    • Prayers: Your prayers are invaluable as we navigate the intricate world of finance while steadfastly adhering to our values.
    • Podcast Support: Engage with and share Dr. Wilson’s podcast, "Untamed Ethos."
    • Speaking Engagements: Facilitate opportunities for Dr. Wilson or our other professionals to speak at your church or organization, sharing crucial insights about how financial firms utilize your money and how to align finances with values.
    • Referrals: Your referrals, whether they be individuals, families, or organizations, are not only a tremendous compliment but also pivotal in propelling our mission forward.
    • Retirement Plan Sponsorship: If your firm has a 401(k), we also serve as retirement plan sponsors and would be thrilled to assist in aligning your company’s retirement plan with values that matter.
    • Social Media Support: Follow and engage with our social media accounts, as well as those of Dr. Wilson and our other advisors. Sharing our posts and insights helps to broaden our reach and impact.


    Your willingness to share our mission, podcast, and services on your social media or within your community significantly amplifies our impact and reach. Thank you for standing with us!


  • Do You Accept Recommendations for Charitable Organizations to Direct Donations?

    Absolutely, we value our clients' input in our charitable endeavors. While we are open to recommendations, we do limit these suggestions to our clients. This is due to our commitment to conducting thorough due diligence on each organization, ensuring that they align with our values and utilize donations effectively, which requires a considerable amount of time and resources. We are dedicated to ensuring that our and potentially your contributions are placed in trustworthy and impactful hands.