How Can I Support Your Mission if I Don’t Have the Assets to Utilize Your Services?

Your support means the world to us, and there are numerous ways you can champion our mission without directly utilizing our financial services:

  • Prayers: Your prayers are invaluable as we navigate the intricate world of finance while steadfastly adhering to our values.
  • Podcast Support: Engage with and share Dr. Wilson’s podcast, "Untamed Ethos."
  • Speaking Engagements: Facilitate opportunities for Dr. Wilson or our other professionals to speak at your church or organization, sharing crucial insights about how financial firms utilize your money and how to align finances with values.
  • Referrals: Your referrals, whether they be individuals, families, or organizations, are not only a tremendous compliment but also pivotal in propelling our mission forward.
  • Retirement Plan Sponsorship: If your firm has a 401(k), we also serve as retirement plan sponsors and would be thrilled to assist in aligning your company’s retirement plan with values that matter.
  • Social Media Support: Follow and engage with our social media accounts, as well as those of Dr. Wilson and our other advisors. Sharing our posts and insights helps to broaden our reach and impact.


Your willingness to share our mission, podcast, and services on your social media or within your community significantly amplifies our impact and reach. Thank you for standing with us!